Monday, September 7

Update on fish stocking

I've decided that I'm going to persue a space themed tank! I'm going to get a 2 (to start) either bubble eyed or celestial eyed goldfish (celestials are more expensive...), name them Buzz and Galileo and be done with it.

I was going to end up doing a goldie tank all along...its just when I have too too much time to think about things I start trying to top each idea and since my brain never runs out of ideas...well...

and then I get sent crashing back to earth when I realise that what I can do and what I can dream up are two entirely different things.

But now, instead of fretting over stocking I can focus on how I'm going to pull off a planted tank with goldies... :)

Sunday, September 6


So my tentatively space themed 29 gallon aquarium has liftoff in the form of Tahitian Moon Sand...see what I did there? 20 pounds of TMS & Flourite and she's a whole new woman..err tank. And since I'm in the baby selling industry I've managed to trade 13 babies for some plants and labor.

...and I'm very excited. I splurged on the TMS because I haven't been self-destructive in one month!

In related news, I'm also back riding every Saturday...and I'm going to lease this October!

Things are, on a larger whole looking up. Plus I just, legit just now, found a 25 dollar itunes giftcard...hells yes!

Ever Tactful, My Mother is...

I was just told by my mother that a desk we own is "too good" for me. Now, you must understand that this desk is at least 10 years old and has been sitting in the corner of our living room for about 5 years collecting dust. What that makes me, but I think it means I'm lower than trash...

One (Wo)mans trash is another persons treasure...thats how I think of it...